What do people think about AlphaJoe Coffee Booster?

“…I felt alert, awake… I need more Will…”

Ash Hess

Retired US Army Senior NCO, competitive shooter, and co-founder of Quantified Performance.

“Fantastic product… I use it consistently especially when I need an extra boost… I notice reduced fatigue and shorter recovery times… I can't say enough good things about it”

Stefhan Bennett

Full-time, active police officer for over 25 years and founder of PoliceCoffee.com

“Flavor is absolutely amazing… better alternative to a normal coffee… Good for muscle stamina and cognitive function… I feel more awake and more alive, more focus… keeps your body functioning at optimum level… I highly recommend it”

Stefhan Bennett

IFBB Pro and nationwide show prep coach.

“Thankyou Will… love it… so excited!”

Monica Brant

IFBB professional figure competitor, former Ms. Fitness Olympia, cover model, nutrition consultant.

“…enhances my day… there is science behind this coffee recipe… I have been enjoying this for years now…”

“Being a coffee drinker for many years, I was interested in the promotion of Will's ‘Bomb Proof Coffee' (now AlphaJoe Coffee Booster). There are certainly a lot of videos on YouTube promoting a similar product, and as usual, most of them are entirely bogus! But not Will Brink's.

There is science behind his recommendation for this beverage. I have been enjoying his recipe for some years now. I would add that I am rather old, approaching my 77th year, but having said that, I certainly don't feel old

My mind is still sharp, coordination and physical abilities extremely good. Strength is still good, but obviously not what I had as a young man. I would add at this stage, that I have been training with weights for 55 years, about 35 years an active powerlifter, achieving 2nd, 3rd, 5th places in world championships.

Unfortunately that 1st place was just too elusive. I still have the same passion for training as I had then, only now I train with weights and do not lift them.

Does this coffee product enhance one's day? I think it does! I practice intermittent fasting, so after a hiatus of 14 hours (only drinking water if required) I'm certainly ready for a mug of very enjoyable coffee first thing in the morning enthused with Mr. Brink ingredients.

My other 5/6 cups of coffee a day are espresso, black, strong, no sugar or milk in a French coffee cup, in place of the mug Mr. Brink habitually uses!

Howard Moore

35 years as an active powerlifter

“You killed it Will… I'm excited about the anti-aging and extra energy. If you love coffee you should check this out… I'm going to start drinking this every day…”

Andressa Lopes

Brazilian fashion model.

“…immediately noticed more focus and sustained attention on the task at hand…”

“I really enjoy this coffee recipe. I have been drinking my coffee black for years and immediately noticed more focus and sustained attention on the task at hand when I first tried AlphaJoe Coffee Booster.

The best part is the taste, the chocolate and coconut go very nice together. The fact that the ingredients have been shown in studies to improve health markers & protect against certain diseases is a big benefit. Thank you Will for taking the time to research & craft this amazing drink. “

Jerry Jackson

Bomb Proof Coffee (now AlphaJoe Coffee Booster) Drinker

“New nootropic… positive brain effect… Helps you have laser focus and get things done… tastes great… I give it a thumbs up!”

Dr. Michael Dusa

Author at Health Longevity and president at MTFU Longevity.

“…I noticed changes immediately where focus and mental acuity were involved… Papers and studying became somewhat easier… Training got better too… Thanks Will”

“Will has been extolling AlphaJoe for years but I only read, and tried it, when I was in need. I was in the mist of being back in school getting my nursing degree while working full time. Between clinical rotations, papers, work and studying for exams I was in rough shape. Will stated it may help mental acuity and focus. He had the science so I figured what the hell.
Let’s start with the taste. The changes in taste for AlphaJoe from regular dark roast are awesome. The slight hint of nuttiness from the coconut oil are awesome when mixed with the Dutch chocolate. Creatine and tyrosine add no flavors at all. I've tried each ingredient separately to assess the changes from each. Great taste from the coconut oil and chocolate even from our drip brewed coffee maker. 
I noticed changes immediately where focus and mental acuity were involved. Papers and studying became somewhat easier. Instead of feeling like I was in a sleep-deprived fog I was able to hunker down more easily and organize my school work for the day. Information would stick a little better etc. 
Training got better too as a side benefit. It doesn’t seem like much, but even adding in a few paltry grams of creatine, ½ the tiny scoop per day, in my X-large mug ended up helping my workouts strength and the feeling of fullness. I hadn't used creatine since the bodybuilding bulking days and it is a trip down memory lane every time I go to the gym. To learn in the past few years it helps neurocognitive function too is only an added bonus.
Anecdotal I know but I'll always think AlphaJoe helped with a few tenths of my 4.0 BSN degree. I still drink a lot of coffee but that first big mug per day is usually AlphaJoe when I have all my ingredients stocked up. It’s been a great addition to my morning routine. Thanks, Will for the AlphaJoe recipe!

Matt DuFresne

RN BSN, Psychiatric Nursing, 1985 Teenage Mr. America, 1988 Mr. USA,1989 Mr. America and NABBA Mr. Universe

“Will, I think what you've done from a health perspective is actually the best thing I've seen”

Dr. Udo Erasmus

Health and wellness industry pioneer, best selling author and creator of Udo's oil and other other highly regarded health formulas

“…Tastes great, definitely increases my focus and energy… I now recommend it to my patients…”

“One thing I do like in the morning is a good cup of coffee. To me, it is a symbol of the beginning of a good day. It is also known that a dose of caffeine is a good thing for our brain function. 
I’ve tried many different types of coffee and natural additives to ‘kick start' my energy and focus. So far, there is nothing better than a product called AlphaJoe. 
AlphaJoe contains 3 natural ingredients that are added to a cup of coffee. It tastes great and, definitely increases my focus and energy more than other products I have tried over the years. 
I now have been recommending AlphaJoe to my morning coffee-drinking patients. They report that it does the same for them as it does for me.”

Richard Gaines MD

Chief Medical Officer LifeGaines Medical & Aesthetics Boca Raton, FL.

“…Better mood, better focus… Calm energy boost, no anxiety… no jitters… lost 13 lbs with the extra cardio… helped me a lot… tastes like hot coco… I absolutely love it…”

Stefhan Bennett

IFBB pro athlete, philosopher, and world traveler.

“…helps me get through my workouts”

“My name is Rich and I am an AlphaJoe Coffee maker and drinker. I workout 7 days a week for a total of 18-20 hrs. I have AlphaJoe every other day before my workouts start on an empty stomach. 
 I truly think the coffee helps me get through my workouts. I am retired so no job to worry about, the workouts are my job. I would drink one every day if there was a product out there that I could scoop out of its container add coffee and go. My hope is Will is going to make that happen soon.”


Bomb Proof Coffee (now AlphaJoe Coffee Booster) Drinker

“…intense increase in focus almost immediately… 5 stars”

“After trying my sample of AlphaJoe Coffee Booster, I noticed an intense increase in focus almost immediately. As well, it seemed to reduce my appetite.

I view this as a very useful product that is both easy to use and convenient. The taste is very good and it mixes smoothly. 5 Stars for this product!”

Tom Furman

Author of Armor of War and Combat Rok – tomfurman.com

“There was a clear difference in my capacity to focus with AlphaJoe… I cannot recommend this product strongly enough”

“I was introduced to the world of Will Brink by a former client about a dozen or so years ago and have been an avid follower since.

As a Psychologist I understand the important contributions of healthy nutrition and exercise to an individual’s emotional well-being.

Alpha Joe coffee supplement is Will’s latest creation which promotes not just a healthy body but now a healthy mind as well.

As a Psychologist working in this new world of Telemedicine, attention and focus are being taxed daily. The phenomena of “zoom fatigue” is real. Alpha Joe helps mitigate its effects. I don’t say this lightly.

Aware of the “placebo effect”, I enlisted my wife's support to vary schedule of utilization unbeknownst to me.

The results? There was a clear difference in my capacity to attend and focus on days when AlphaJoe was in play. I cannot recommend this product strongly enough.”

Richard Bristol, Psy.D

Licensed Psychologist