Frequently asked questions

I cannot comment on side effects for every specific person. What I recommend you do, if you have any doubts is research the ingredients for yourself.

Absolutely, for example in the feedback section you'll see Monica Brant (IFBB professional figure competitor, former Ms. Fitness Olympia, cover model and nutrition consultant) mixes it with her tea. You can also add it to your protein shake. Personally I love coffee, so created it to enhance my favorite drink!

Yes. Once you've placed your initial order, on the next page you will be presented with the opportunity to order more.

I suggest you read the information on this page fully to see the benefits the ingredients can give and the feedback from some of the people who are using it. And don't forget this is not new. The three ingredients are very well researched and their benefits well documented. They are also synergistic, so they actually enhance each other. There are references at the foot of this page to all the research.

Just send us an email to and we'll get right back to you.

I'm not inventing anything here. I have simply mixed three tried-and-tested nutritional supplements with years of studies, research and data behind them. I also purchase them from the very top suppliers to ensure quality, purity and potency. Then I mix them in a specific ratio. You don't even have to purchase the mix from me, you can go to my website here: and see all the information there, along with the complete recipe, free of charge. You'll see all you need to make AlphaJoe Coffee Booster yourself. (On my you'll see it all under the original name of “Bomb Proof Coffee”).

Typically it's 3 to 4 working days

Each container of AlphaJoe Coffee Booster a one month supply. My recommendation is 1 scoop per day. In my opinion that provides you with an ideal amount of each of the three ingredients. Personally I have one “AlphaJoe” per day and my other coffees are just regular ones.

When you click on the order form the latest shipping fees will be displayed, but right now for our launch you get FREE shipping on all orders (Continental US only).

If you go to this webpage on my blog you'll see all the information you need. I have been giving this recipe away for about a decade under the original name of “Bomb Proof Coffee”. On this page you'll see the full science behind the ingredients, the recommended suppliers, and links to my own YouTube videos which show exactly how to make it, in the correct ratios.

Of course you can do whatever you want. Many people over the years asked me to create a pre-mixed version of AlphaJoe with the ingredients from my recommended suppliers (to ensure quality), which I've done. By purchasing AlphaJoe Coffee Booster from me you save you the time and effort to mix it yourself, you are assured of the best ingredients, and it actually works out to be a little cheaper than purchasing the ingredients separately. So, to summarize, you save time, effort and money. Not a bad deal :)

The ingredients are creatine, l-tyrosine and cocoa. Please do your own research if you have any doubts about them.

If you are in any way not satisfied with the quality of product, please send it back to us within 14 days, and we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

The gram dosage per serving is 3g creatine, 2g tyrosine, 2.5g cocoa = 7.5g serving per scoop

For the moment we only ship to continental USA. We have literally just started selling AlphaJoe, and plan to expand as we grow. You can always use shoudl you wish to have an order delivered internationally.