Who is Will Brink, and why listen to him?

“Will is a published author, industry consultant and highly respected expert on nutrition, supplements, health, fitness, longevity… as well as a highly regarded trainer of top levels athletes, police, and military personnel.”

Will Brink graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in the natural sciences has been a writer, scientific researcher, consultant to supplement companies, and trainer for 20 years relating to health/fitness and performance. He has co-authored several studies relating to sports nutrition and health and published in peer reviewed academic journals.

He is the author of six books; Priming The Anabolic Environment: A practical and Scientific Guide to the Art and Science of Building Muscle, Bodybuilding Revealed, Fatloss Revealed, The Sports Supplement Bible, The Skinny on Diet Supplements, and P.A.S.T. : Practical Applied Stress Training for Tactical Law Enforcement.

He has served as an NPC judge and as a Ms. Fitness USA judge. Will has helped many top level bodybuilders and fitness contestants through all facets of pre-contest and off-season training. He has worked with athletes ranging from professional golfers, runners, and baseball players and has worked with developing functional fitness courses for police and military personnel.

In 2007, he developed OptimalSWAT P.A.S.T. to fill the void for job applicable functional training for Military and Law Enforcement communities in the United States. This program became so popular that BrinkZone F.I.T was created in 2008 to address the needs of those who were looking for training that was life applicable.

In 2009 he developed and instructed the course Advanced Applied Stress Shooting I & II that was offered spring and fall 2009 at The Smith & Wesson Training Academy in Springfield, MA.

In the past 20 years Will has been published in a wide variety of publications in several languages, including Muscle Insider, Muscle Media, MuscleMag International, Lets Live, Muscle n Fitness, Life Extension magazine, Townsend Letter for Doctors, IronMan, Inside Karate, Exercise for Men Only, Physical, Power, Body International, Oxygen, Penthouse, Fitness RX, Big, Corpo Sano, Knight Stick…

…and many others, as well as being featured in SOF related publications such as Special Operations Technology (SOTECH).

Many of his articles and interviews can be found on many internet web sites such as: LEF.org, Testosterone.net, NavySeals.com, ThinkMuscle.com, MuscleMonthly.com, as well as many others, including his own BrinkZone.com.

Throughout his career, Will has worked with many supplement, pharmaceutical, and dairy companies to design nutritional supplement/products, improve existing product lines, assist with retail strategies of these products in fitness, bodybuilding, longevity, or other markets, as well as web-centric strategies.

“Will has also worked with law enforcement, emergency response teams/SWAT and military, providing training and nutritional advice to help maintain peak performance.”